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inDriver gained nomination for a Global Mobile Award 2019

  • Published in InFocus
indriver new nomination
The inDriver taxi service is nominated for the Global Mobile Award 2019. This was announced on Facebook by the inDriver CEO Arsen Tomsky.

“Indriver nominated for the Global Mobile Award 2019 (GLOMO), perhaps the coolest technology award in the world, in the "Most Innovative Mobile App" nomination, together with such companies like Samsung and ABBYY,” commented on Arsen Tomsky.

The Global Mobile Award is awarded for the most inspiring and innovative developments in the technology industry. It is called the Oscar in the technology industry.

GSMA CEO John Hoffman notes: “This is recognition of companies and people leading in everything: from 5G and IoT to technological solutions for emerging markets. Our award attracts high-level projects, so the nomination is already a great achievement.” The full list of nominees is here

Winners will be known at the ceremony in Barcelona (Spain) February 25-28.