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ALROSA - No brine discharge on the Chuonalyr river

  • Published in InFocus
VyhodVody Chernyshevskiy 1
The Committee for Environmental Supervision denied the information about the brine discharge by the ALROSA Company in the west in the direction of the Diamond Valley Sports and Recreation Complex.
Information about this started to circulate on social networks (WhatsApp) at the beginning of the week. State inspectors of the Mirny Ecological Supervision Department left for inspection and sampling at the alleged site of the brine discharge.

"The tailings storage and storage of saline water are taken for the brine discharge. They are located northeast of the place where the samples were taken. That is, the flow of the river goes from west to east, and the Chuonalyr river flows into the Malaya Botuobiya river. The tailing dump is 7.5 km downstream and in the case of discharge, the water would not be able to get there," commented on the Acting Head of the Mirny Committee for State Environmental Supervision in the Mirny District, Ayaal Barakhov.

The results of the inspection of the Mirny Committee for Environmental Supervision confirmed the previously published information of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic. According to the head of the ministry, there can be no flow of saline water to the west in the direction of the ski resort. Presumably the ice body of the Chuonalyr river slightly heats the road to the ski resort.