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Riding solo through Indonesia

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Veloprobeg Indonesia
Innokenty Nogovitsyn rode 2,200 kilometers by bicycle for 15 days.
A resident of Mirny told News.Ykt.Ru about his preparation for the ride, how much he spent on the bike tour and his impressions of Indonesia.

Innokenty Nogovitsyn lives in Mirny, works as a mining foreman. On January 9 he kicked it off: he set a goal to visit three Indonesian islands in two weeks - Bali, Java and Sumatra.

This is not the first bike ride abroad for him. The year before last, he and his partner, Daniil Soloviev, rode by bike through Southeast Asia. They dedicated their bike ride to the memory of the miners who died at the Mir mine in 2017.

According to Innokenty, he spent about 200 thousand rubles during a bicycle trip in Indonesia. Air tickets - 75 thousand, equipment - about 90 thousand, the rest of the money was spent on hotels, food and other expenses.

Why did you decide to go to Indonesia this year?

- I heard from my friends, cyclists about this country with an incredibly beautiful nature. I wanted to see all this and learn more about Indonesia. Moreover, in January weather is perfect for a long bike ride.

This time I was alone, my partner could not take a leave. I would like, of course, to go with my wife, but we have two children, a house, a job, so it isn’t possible yet. In the future I will definitely go with her. I am very grateful for her support and understanding.

Did you take the bike with you or bought it there?

- I bought a bike in Bali. I chose the tourist brand - Surly Cross-Check, very comfortable and fast. Every day I rode about 150 km in seven hours. I was carrying repair tools with me, but there were no special difficulties. Everything went the way I planned.

What was most memorable?

- The biggest impression is the Indian Ocean. The ocean is incredibly beautiful, you just can't imagine these waves, one and a half meters high. I also climbed the active Ijen volcano.

I really liked the capital of Indonesia - Jakarta. A beautiful city with very friendly and helpful people.

Those who want to take the same bike ride, I advise you to prepare slowly. First of all, you need, of course, to have good physical training. I prepared very carefully for this bike ride: I was running and cycling a lot. The main thing is to believe in yourself.


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