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Cold Test: ALROSA has tested a new Mi-38-2 helicopter

  • Published in InFocus
From December 28, 2018 to January 23, 2019, certification tests of the Mi-38-2 helicopter under conditions of extreme negative air temperatures were carried out at the Mirny airport.

70 specialists of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant arrived in Mirny for testing a new helicopter. The group included test pilots, technicians and engineers of the design bureau of the enterprise. The equipment necessary for testing, a set of ground support equipment and a helicopter in disassembled form were transported from Moscow to Mirny and back by An-124-100 Ruslan.

A total of 49 flights were made, 19 of them in the territory of the Nakyn deposit of ALROSA, where the air temperature in winter time drops to minus 55 degrees Celsius. The efficiency of the systems and units, the integrated on-board complex and the rescue equipment after freezing the helicopter have been tested. 18 ground tests of the powerplant were successfully carried out.

In the process of testing, experts checked the possibility of maintenance of the Mi-38-2 helicopter at low temperatures in practice. According to the results of testing, the possibility of preparing the helicopter for flight, reliable launch of the auxiliary power unit and main engines at air temperature up to minus 40 ° С without using pre-heating of the helicopter units was confirmed.

In this case, according to the results of flight tests, the designers will make adjustments to the mode of operation of the external oil system of the engines and the air conditioning system in the cockpit.

“In general, the flight and technical crews are satisfied with the results of the tests of the Mi-38-2 at low temperatures. We established the compliance of the declared characteristics of the helicopter with the Russian airworthiness standards and their foreign counterparts. At the same time, there is still a certain design potential for expanding the characteristics of the helicopter, and in fact it was on this Mi-38-2 that 5 world records were set in its class,” said Igor Klevantsev, head of the group of leading engineers for flight testing of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.