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Actor Mads Mikkelsen addresses Karecheene Tuprina - the one who survived six days in tundra

  • Published in InFocus
Hollywood actor
Hollywood actor Mads Mikkelsen, who played a major role in Arctic, addressed Karecheene Tuprina, a resident of Yakutia, who was found alive with her father in October 2018 after six days of wandering in the tundra. The actor called Karecheene's story incredible, and the film a humble way to retell the same story.

He said: I just heard an amazing story about a young girl Karecheene who survived ten days up in the Russian North, in the tundra. That is a prime example of how tough we can be and how tough you have to be to survive. So, this is Arctic! Our film. In a humble way are trying to tell the same story.

Mads Mikkelsen starred in the movie Arctic, which will premiere in Russia on February 21. Most of all, the actor is known for his roles in the Hannibal TV series, as well as in Casino Royale and Dr.Strange.

Karecheene Tuprina, together with her father and his companion, were lost in Anabar Ulus in October 2018, going on a snowmobile from the village of Saskylakh to the remote village of Uryung-Khaya. After six days of searching, they were found alive.