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Application acceptance for ALROSA startups competition completed

  • Published in InFocus
GenerationS ALROSA
265 teams from 56 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Germany, Canada and the United States submitted applications to participate in the selection of technological startups of the ALROSA company, organized on the basis of the GenerationS corporate accelerator of the Russian
Venture Company (RVC).
Pre-selected 19 projects that, in the case of a successfully passed expert evaluation, will have the opportunity to jointly refine solutions and further cooperation with ALROSA.

The selected proposals of startups correspond to the directions designated by ALROSA. These are new solutions in the field of ore dressing, geological exploration, ore preparation and sorting, new materials, etc. A significant proportion of applications came from IT solutions in the field of digital technologies for industrial safety and personnel training. Pre-selected projects have varying degrees of development - from the idea stage and the first prototype to batch sales.

“An interesting feature of this selection is that we received applications not only from external teams, but also from corporate employees who suggested ideas for improving the efficiency of existing business processes. The experience of working with ALROSA demonstrates that an open approach to the introduction of innovations helps not only to find promising ideas, but also to become an incentive for the development of a personnel reserve,” noted Ekaterina Petrova, Director of GenerationS corporate accelerator.

“I would like to emphasize the significantly increased activity and applied orientation of the digital economy projects among the contestants in comparison with previous years. I hope that in the near future we will determine the winners and continue to work with them on the basis of the concluded contracts. With the rest of the startups that have interested us, work will be carried out to detail and clarify the potential for introducing into ALROSA production,” Dmitry Amelkin, Director of the ALROSA Center for Strategic Projects and Analytics, evaluated and outlined the prospects.

What is GenerationS?

Federal Development Platform for Corporate Acceleration Tools. RVC has been held it since 2013. To date, the accelerator infrastructure includes more than 14,000 startups from 30 countries, 400 corporate and ecosystem partners. GenerationS was the first Russian accelerator to be included in the GAN international network of accelerators, created by Techstars.

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