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ALROSA - strategic partner of CASE-IN International Engineering Championship

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Casein ALROSAALROSA is involved as a strategic partner of the International Engineering Students League Championship CASE-IN in two directions, Geological Prospecting & Exploration and Mining.

The marathon of the Championship qualifying stages in 56 universities of Russia and the CIS countries was recently launched at the Tomsk Polytechnic University. At the VII season of the Student League of the CASE-IN International Engineering Championship, ALROSA is represented by Evgeny Goncharov, Chief Geophysicist of the Vilyui Mining and Exploration Expedition.

“ALROSA is taking part in this Championship for the first time, meanwhile, judging by the level of the event, the relevance of introducing innovative solutions for the industry in the digital era, and educating a generation of professional production workers, we can permanently gain a foothold as partners of CASE IN. The company as a strategic partner has developed cases in two directions - Mining and Geological Exploration. We are producing almost a third of all diamonds in the world, and we hope that this year the forum participants will help us with their ideas and aspirations. We are waiting for unconventional ideas from the participants, we welcome a fresh look at the established processes. Now, during the industrial revolution, we are particularly interested in the rapid updating of production. To solve such problems, all large sites, including ALROSA, require new generation engineers who possess not only a serious technical knowledge base, but also practical skills to solve engineering problems using new technologies,” said Evgeny Goncharov at the opening of the Championship.

In addition, ALROSA, as a strategic partner of CASE IN, is ready to provide talented students who have passed the Championship filter with internship opportunities and further employment.

Video live broadcast of the opening of the championship:


CASE-IN Championship is an international competition system for solving engineering cases among schoolchildren, students and young professionals. The goal of the Championship is to popularize engineering and technical education and attract the most promising young specialists in the field of fuel and energy, petrochemical and mineral resources. The theme of the upcoming season will be Digital Transformation.

The Championship includes 108 qualifying rounds and the final, which will traditionally be held in Moscow on May 30 - 31, 2019. The Student League of CASE-IN will be attended by more than 5,000 students. Qualifying rounds will be held in 56 universities in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan. Teams of students will compete in six industry areas: geological exploration, mining, metallurgy, oil and gas business, petrochemistry, electric power industry.



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