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There is no concept of ‘not a woman's business’

  • Published in InFocus
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On the eve of March 8, woman’s tenderness and weakness are usually praised. Well, today we will be talking about real beauties who, like men, do physically difficult and even dangerous jobs in ALROSA.

Beautiful surveyors of Udachny Division

At the Zarnitsa mine of the Udachny Mining and Processing Division of the ALROSA Company, 18 specialists work for the Survey Department, of which only two surveyors are women, Inna Korona and Gulnaz Repina.

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Surveyor is a mining engineer or technician to carry out spatial-geometric measurements in the bowels of the earth and in the relevant parts of its surface with the subsequent display of measurement results on plans, maps and sections during mining and geological exploration.

Inna Vasilievna has been working for 21 years at the Udachny Mining and Processing Division of ALROSA. Her total work experience in exploration is 30 years. She graduated from the Mining and Geological Faculty of the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute. She moved to Yakutia from the Donbass of the Donetsk region (Ukraine) in 1998. Almost immediately got a job in the diamond mining company. At work, she met her future husband, the geophysicist of ALROSA. Their son was born in South Yakutia.

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Inna KORONA: “My parents are Greeks, that’s why I have such an unusual surname. The fact is that not far from us (in the south-east of Ukraine) is the city of Mariupol, where there was a settlement of the Greeks, from where our clan comes from.

Is it difficult for a woman to work as a mine surveyor? I think in Yakutia, difficulties arise more in terms of climate. Every day according to the schedule, surveyors leave for the quarry in all weather, even at low temperatures. In the first half of the day we work in the field, in the second - we work on the measurements taken, surveys, on the basis of which projects are prepared for drilling wells. As for the question of why I chose this particular profession, perhaps my hometown played the decisive role. My parents worked at the mining enterprise. By the way, there (in the Donbass) there were many women in the department, while men worked in the mines. In addition, it should be noted that without a surveyor or a geodesist, it is in fact impossible to build anything (in any industry). Yakutia is a promising region in terms of discovering new deposits. Our Company constantly conducts geological exploration, so there is always work for surveyors. For example, the specialists of our department - Aleksandr Kopylov, Vladimir Shulakov and Daniil Kasprug work at the ALROSA Verkhne Munskoye deposit discovered last year. From year to year, under a company agreement with the Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, students come to us to practice. For several years I have been a practice leader. For young people, the mining industry is a very promising, demanded area.

Taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate all the women on the upcoming holiday! I believe that you need to choose a profession to your liking. Besides, women can master any specialty, even technically difficult. I like my work, it is very multifaceted. I especially feel it when I stand on the edge of the Zarnitsa quarry and see the result of my work. A lot of people work in the wells, and the surveyor sets the direction for mining.”


Gulnaz REPINA: “I come from the Republic of Bashkortostan. In 2014, I graduated from the Ural Mining State University in the city of Yekaterinburg. My brother helped me with the choice of profession. He is a miner, he also graduated from the Ural Mining University. I heeded his advice that a surveyor will not be unemployed in any case, and will be able to find a job in many areas - in construction, mining, etc.

I arrived in Yakutia in November 2016. My husband got a job at the ALROSA mine. And I moved with him. Prior to that, for two years I worked at Bashkir Copper LLC as a field surveyor for underground mining. Of course, due to the harsh climate, it is difficult to adapt. In the winter, the region is very cold, and the summer is hot, short, lots of midges and mosquitoes. It is hard for girls to work as surveyors. In general, our profession requires to be attentive and precise in our actions and physically resilient. In the summer, we need to lay multi-kilometer level runs. Sometimes you have to carry heavy appliances on yourself. Mosquitoes also interfere with concentration. However, it should be said that in the age of modern technology UAVs, GPS receivers, scanners greatly facilitate the work of surveyors, with the help of which in a short time you can shoot a large, inaccessible area.

In my free time I go in for sports. We are very lucky, our team is solid, everyone here helps each other. International Women's Day will be celebrated in our team and with the family. March 8 is a reason to once again feel like a woman. I wish my colleagues and all the fair sex who have dedicated themselves to the "male" professions to stay feminine always!”

Flowers of ALROSA turnery

Elena Morgunova and Yulia Perova - graduates of the regional technical college in the city of Mirny. They firstly were training to be fitters for the control of measuring instruments and automation systems, then electricians. At the end of the training, they received an offer from the Udachny Mining and Processing Division to get training to be turners with a guarantee of further employment.

Their history of enrollment in secondary vocational schools is similar, like most of the local youth - there is no particular choice in their hometown in terms of vocational education. More or less suitable option for girls in Mirny college is to become a cook. However, our heroines decided not to look for easy ways. As it turned out later, they did it right. Since November 2018, they have been working at the specialized repair shop of the Udachny Division. Next, we’ll get to know in their own words.


Elena MORGUNOVA: “In childhood I dreamed of becoming a hairdresser, stylist or flight attendant. But fate turned out differently ... But I do not regret at all that I went to work at ALROSA. In the beginning, of course, it was very scary - the male team, traumatic work on the machine. It turned out I was afraid in vain - this is mine! We, the newcomers of the workshop, were greeted by Elena Parkhamuk. She will always reassure, help with advice if something does not work. I am very grateful for her help and support. I like our team. We make orders coming from the shops. The master accepts the drawings and distributes tasks (to make a nut, washer or nozzles). We check the grounding, set up the tool and proceed to the execution of the order. Now I am trying to take on more complex orders. It's interesting. The pay is good. The first three months we received about 30 thousand rubles. Now, according to calculations, we get 44 thousand in hand. This is quite a normal salary. I want to save money in the future and continue my education to become a mechanic, a master at ALROSA. We have five children in the family, I am the eldest, I have four brothers. We will celebrate the holiday in the family circle. I prepared a gift for my mother. What to wish for girls who study technical specialties? I did not manage to do what I longed for, but now I am happy. So I wish everyone to believe in themselves, never to despair, no matter what happens to you. Strive for the new, do not mess around. If there is knowledge - there will be work!”


Yulia PEROVA: “Well, in my childhood I dreamed of being a model. My body is OK, but I didn’t come out tall. I always wanted to open a private business. Also, as a child, I was always comfortable with mechanics, helping dad in the garage. When I got into practice, I immediately realized that I wanted to work here. Now I am striving to improve my qualifications, learn to do something new, grow to the master. Our master is Aleksey Sergeyenko. He once started as an ordinary turner, too. In the shop there are people who know how to work on many machines. There are few women in the turning shop. So everybody helps, nobody offends them. Friends used to say you are small, thin, you won't make a turner. But I like this job. I believe that there are no male professions. We, women, can learn everything.”

We were convinced by the example of the ALROSA diamond-mining company that there is no concept of not a women's business for modern women, there is a job to your liking.

Happy holiday, ladies! Without a doubt, you are the best part of your team. You make it more beautiful, brighter and happier. We wish you love, happiness and good mood, may spring always bloom in your hearts!

Viktoria STAS’