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South Korean IT-company plans to open an academy on the basis of NEFU

  • Published in InFocus
S Korea Academy at NEFU 1

As part of the business visit of the Bespin Global company management from South Korea, negotiations were held with Yakutia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Solodov on further cooperation and plans for the company in the region.

S Korea Academy at NEFU 2
Bespin Global
is considering opening its office in Yakutia. Bespin Global plans to open its own academy on the basis of the NEFU Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science for training and certification of future employees of its office, who will meet professional standards in terms of cloud technologies. Trainees will need to pass a qualifying exam.

S Korea Academy at NEFU 3

"Yakutia is the IT capital of the Far East of Russia, now it is important not only to keep pace with the times, but be proactive and make Yakutsk the capital of cloud technologies. In addition, cooperation with Bespin Global will increase the number of highly paid jobs in the IT sector, and generally develop the industry,” commented Vladimir Solodov.

S Korea Academy at NEFU 4

As reported by the Development Corporation of the Republic Sakha (Yakutia), which oversees this project, during Bespin Global’s visit, the first interviews will be held with potential employees of the new office and the sites for its opening will be examined, reported in the press service of the head and government of Yakutia.