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ALROSA is building a new leisure center

  • Published in InFocus
KDC vMaie
In the village of Maya, Megino-Kangalass ulus, construction of the multifunctional People's Artist of the USSR Fedor Khodulov Cultural and Leisure Center has begun.

is being built at the expense of ALROSA funds through the Trust Fund for Future Generations, where the Company allocated 308 million rubles.

“The construction of a large object is a joyful and long-awaited event not only for the residents of Maya, but for the entire ulus as well. We are well aware that in order to form a strong, successful district, it is necessary to develop a cultural level, give young people the opportunity to learn new things and realize themselves. That is why ALROSA is actively involved in the implementation of social programs and the construction of such infrastructure facilities as this Palace of Culture,” says Aleksey Dyachkovsky, Deputy Director General of ALROSA.

Commissioning of the new center is planned for December 2020.

Two-storey building of 3000 sq m will house the Maya folk theater, a cinema hall, a large banquet hall will open, master classes by leading masters of the ulus, dance, vocal groups, sports sections and others, large-scale cultural events will be held.

In the new complex there will be a space for the well-known children's and youth ensemble Kytalyk led by the winner of the Soul of Russia Award Vasily Vinokurov. The ensemble is a multiple winner and winner of many prestigious republican, Russian and international competitions.

Megino-Kangalass ulus is one of the most densely populated agricultural districts of the republic, the transport hub of Yakutia. Here the Lena and Kolyma federal highways and the republican Amga road join. Maya is the former regional center of the Megino-Kangalass district, then the administrative center was moved to the village of Nizhny Bestyakh. Almost all social institutions of the district are located here.