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ALROSA reveals the fact of fraud in a subsidiary

  • Published in InFocus
ALROSA Ohrana 1
Today, one of the news sites of Yakutia published that a criminal case was initiated on serious fraud by the enterprise ALROSA-okhrana.
This also was announced today by the Republican Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

According to the investigation version, it was established that the enterprise should have repaired technical means and systems of security, fire and alarm signaling in the administrative premises of ALROSA, located in Mirny. “According to the expertise, they are not fully implemented. While ALROSA paid the total amount to OOO ALROSA-okhrana against a knowingly false invoice,” Federal Security Service said in a statement. Currently the necessary operational- investigative activities are being conducted.

“The events reported by FSB refer to the period of 2016-2017. The fact of misuse of funds was revealed by the ALROSA Security Service during the activities to identify cases of fraud in the Company in the first half of 2017. The materials collected during the official investigation were transferred by the Security Service of ALROSA to the UFSB, whose employees conducted a complex of operational-investigative measures to document the revealed facts of criminal activity. These facts were the reason and the basis for initiating a criminal case. Upon detection of fraud in 2017, a number of officials responsible for carrying out repair work were dismissed,” reported ALROSA.


OOO ALROSA-okhrana was established in 2003. The founder is ALROSA.