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International Arctic Forum 2019 to discuss quality of healthcare

  • Published in InFocus
At the International Arctic Forum, which will be held the other day in St. Petersburg, the Healthcare in the Arctic: two years' results and new goals session has been announced.

Chairman of the government of Yakutia Vladimir Solodov invited to discuss issues that are topical to northerners. In his opinion, medical care plays a key role in the Arctic regions.

“The active development of the Northern Sea Route and the increase in the investment climate of the Arctic zone will make the regions of the Far North more attractive for work and life. The core components of success on this path are affordable and high-quality medical care, health promotion programs and improvement in quality of life,” stressed the prime minister.

Discussion participants will share their experience in health maintenance in the Arctic regions of Russia, will tell how the problem of medical personnel shortage in the Arctic territories is being solved and how telemedicine technologies are being introduced in the Arctic. The session will also discuss the features of patient routing in the northern territories, the organization of team work on the protection of public health at the level of the region and the municipality, as well as the topics of priority research projects on the population’s health maintenance of the Arctic, according to the official website of the Forum.

Currently, providing the population with high-quality medical services is among the top priorities of the country. As noted by Deputy Minister of Health of Russia Evgeny Kamkin, the Arctic regions of Russia should make a significant contribution to achieving the national goal - an increase in life expectancy to 78 years by 2024.