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ALROSA supports the Living Diamonds of Yakutia park

  • Published in InFocus
ALROSA and the Ministry of Environment of RS (Y) signed an agreement on financial support for one of the Company's best social projects - the Living Diamonds of Yakutia park.
The diamond company will allocate 4 million rubles for the park maintenance this year. Thanks to ALROSA, the park has previously acquired new enclosures for bears and the necessary equipment.

The Living Diamonds of Yakutia Natural Park was founded in 2009 thanks to the joint efforts of the government of the Republic, the Mirny District Municipality and the ALROSA Company in order to preserve natural ecosystems in the city of Mirny. The territory of the park is more than 32 thousand hectares, it is located four kilometers from the Chuonalyr recreation center - a popular place for residents and guests of Mirny to rest.

Manchurian deer, yaks, buffaloes, Yakut horses, elk, bears, peacocks, pigeons, rabbits, dogs, lynxes and spotted deer inhabit the park. Animals are kept in conditions close to natural, which allows to maintain populations of rare animals. So, since the creation of the park, the yaks have three calves born in captivity. The park is one of the few places where you can not only watch, but also feed and stroke the inhabitants of the pens.

Eight employees serve the park and take care of animals. They also conduct environmental monitoring and research to restore disturbed natural, historical and cultural complexes.

The Living Diamonds Park” is one of the most remarkable ALROSA projects. It performs both an ecological function - the preservation of populations of rare animals and nature in its original form, and social- since its inception, the park has become one of the favorite places of recreation for the residents of Mirny and the guests of the diamond capital,” Deputy Director General of ALROSA Aleksei Dyachkovsky noted.