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New Chairman of Evenks Association of Yakutia

varlamov 744x280

March 15-16 the 7th Congress of Yakutia's Evenks in Neryungri held elections of the Chairman of the 'Begin' Evenki Association of Yakutia. Aleksandr Varlamov, who replaced Boris Nikolaev, became the chairman, according to the website of the Regional Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North.

Application acceptance for ALROSA startups competition completed

GenerationS ALROSA
265 teams from 56 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Germany, Canada and the United States submitted applications to participate in the selection of technological startups of the ALROSA company, organized on the basis of the GenerationS corporate accelerator of the Russian
Venture Company (RVC).
Pre-selected 19 projects that, in the case of a successfully passed expert evaluation, will have the opportunity to jointly refine solutions and further cooperation with ALROSA.
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A testing ground for arctic equipment to be built in Yakutia

test ground
The authorities of Yakutia are planning to locate a testing ground for testing environmentally friendly equipment for the extraction of hydrocarbons in the Arctic, near Yakutsk or at the Oymyakon Cold Pole.
This was announced by the permanent representative of Yakutia to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Fedotov at the ‘Arctic 2019’ international conference in Moscow.
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