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Chinese biker returns home!

IMG 20170129 WA0083

Citizen of the People's Republic of China Cha Erdan had long dreamed to visit the Pole of Cold in Oymyakon. While still in school and learning that there is the coldest point of the planet, he has decided for himself that someday he would check himself and feel the 60-degree cold. One can say that the extreme cyclist was preparing for a trip to Oymyakon thoroughly. Behind him - a bike tour to Egypt and Dubai.
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Aisen Nikolaev had breakfast with Donald Trump

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The delegation from Russia visited the National Prayer Breakfast with Trump. The Russian delegation consisted of 16 people, including Aisen Nikolaev. The Mayor of Yakutsk is on leave, and he went to the event at his own expense, said his press secretary Irina EFIMOVA.
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Andrei Gelasimov breaks records

Andrei Gelasimov Cold

At the end of 2016 the Russian writer's book, Natsbest Prize laureate Andrei Gelasimov's Cold won first place in Fiction section at the US Amazon online platform among releases adapted for Kindle tablets. Boris Barabanov found out the details.
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