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Cargo for Chukotka

Pilomaterialy dlya CHukotki

From the Zelenomys River Port, which is located in the northeast of Yakutia and borders with the Bilibino district of Chukotka, began the release of goods.

Yakutians took part in International Tourism Fair in Serbia

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The International Tourism Fair was held February 23-26 in Serbia. The Yakutians also took part in the event, presenting jewelry tourism and the national culture of the Sakha people at the invitation of our compatriot Larisa Reasovna Kulakovska-Velisavljevic.
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75 million tons of rare metal of Yakutia will help fly to Mars

Yakutia Sponsor flight to Mars

SB RAS researchers from Novosibirsk have estimated the world's largest deposit of rare earth niobium Tomtor at $ 300 billion, which is comparable to the gold and currency reserves of the Central Bank of Russia. One of the three sections of Buranny is fully explored - the total value of stocks in Yakutia could reach US $ 1 trillion.
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One and a half million flowers will be planted in Yakutsk in 2017

Cvetushiy Yakutsk

Yakutsk Administration held a regular meeting of Staff for landscaping of the capital in 2017. It is planned to plant about 1.5 million flowers in the capital according to "Blooming Yakutsk" project within the Year of Goodness. According to the head the project, the focus this year will be made on gardening of houses adjoining areas.
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Andrew Lloyd continues his journey

Andrew Lloyd

British traveler Andrew Lloyd, who due to the delay of equipment could not begin his walking journey from Yakutia to India in time, received part of his belongings. In the comments he notes that Russian Post has paid special attention to his problem.
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Forbes: Yakutia Airline inside the top ten


In February, Forbes magazine published its first ranking of the best Russian and foreign air carriers that carry out flights over the territory of the Russian Federation. Yakutia Airline entered the top ten.
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Guinness record in Oymyakon

Velo Guinness

If Yakutia can not yet boast of a large influx of ordinary tourists, the various kinds of extreme sports lovers rush to come here and challenge the harsh elements, and possibly break some unusual record. The last vivid example - a group from Poland, Project VR has just returned from Oymyakon. Polish extreme athletes have attempted to set a Guinness record for cycling in cold conditions.
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JSAT is considering a proposal to enter the online market of Yakutia


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) held a meeting with representatives of Sky Perfect JSAT Corporation and Vostoktelecom JSC on cooperation in the field of Ka-band development of satellite communication on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
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