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International visitors meet bisons at “Ust-Buotama” farm

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On July 9, "Ust-Buotama" forest bison far was visited by the first group of tourists organized in 2018.

"About a hundred tourists arrived in Yakutia from Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the central regions of Russia visited a bison farm of Ust-Buotama as a part of the tour provided by OOO "Lenaturflot", the press service of the Ministry of Ecology of Yakutia reported.

As usually the vessel lands to a bank of the Lena at the “Lena pillars” recreational center. Tourists cover 800 meters walking along the path leading to the bison farm sightseeing platform.

There the tourists are met by the employees of the farm who tell them about the program of bison reacclimatization and its species peculiarities.

We have already been visited by more than 300 people. Visiting the farm is often a part of a tour along the Lena river and the “Lena pillars” nature park” – say employees of the Ministry of Ecology.

The bison farm also works with individual tourists who get there themselves.
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The basic background of eco-journalism workshop to be held in Yakutsk

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A workshop of the basic background of environmental journalism will be held in Yakutsk on August 2. The main speaker of the event is a famous environmental journalist from St. Petersburg Angelina Davydova. The event is organized by the Ministry of Ecology, Nature Management and Forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).
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ALROSA invested 4.4 billion rubles in environmental programs

Environmental Center

ALROSA, the world leader in diamond production, summed up the major results of environmental programs and events for 2017. Last year, the Company allocated 4.4 billion rubles for environmental programs. These funds made it possible to implement important projects for ALROSA and the region, as well as significantly strengthen monitoring of the state of the environment.
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"Living Diamonds of Yakutia" - one of the best social projects

"Living Diamonds of
 Yakutia" Nature Park was founded in 2009 with the goal of preserving natural ecosystems on the territory of Mirny on an area of 32,105.22 hectares, four kilometers from the recreation center Chuonalyr, along the Mirny-Chernyshevsk road.
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Today is Day of Snowdrop

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Every year on April 19 many countries around the world celebrate a traditional beautiful spring holiday - The Day of Snowdrop
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Yakutia’s version of permafrost protection

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The Chairman of the State Duma (Il Tyumen) of the RS (Y) Aleksandr Zhirkov today gives a speech on the legislative initiatives of the Yakutia parliament on the environmental direction, in particular, on the draft federal law on the protection and rational use of permafrost at a meeting of the Public Council of the Ecology Forum.
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