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Muskoxen and Elk calves from “Orto Doidu” were moved to The Natural Park in Mirny

  • Published in Nature
The “Live Diamonds of Yakutia” Natural Park added muskoxen and elk calves to its inhabitants. «The animals were temporarily moved from “Orto Doidu” to maintain their biological diversity, as well as for restorative and reproductive purposes. There are 4 of them overall, they are around 6 months of age, they are held on quarantine at the moment» - sources from the Mirny Park are telling us.

The Natural Park "Live Diamonds of Yakutia" was opened in 2006. The park creates conditions for animals similar to the ones out there in the wild nature, which gives more opportunities to breed more animals with comparatively less costs on food. Semi-free conditions will be provided here not only hoofed animals, but also for other representatives of mammals and birds of the world.