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ALROSA invested 4.4 billion rubles in environmental programs

  • Published in Nature
Environmental Center

ALROSA, the world leader in diamond production, summed up the major results of environmental programs and events for 2017. Last year, the Company allocated 4.4 billion rubles for environmental programs. These funds made it possible to implement important projects for ALROSA and the region, as well as significantly strengthen monitoring of the state of the environment.

Last year, ALROSA implemented two significant projects for the Company and the region, timed to coincide with the Year of Ecology in Russia.

One of them is the reconstruction of sewage treatment plants in Udachny with a capacity of 15.000 cubic meters per day. This facility is strategically important for a region where fishing is thriving, and local rivers need special protection. Reconstruction of treatment facilities in Udachny allowed to clean up the wastewater from organic contaminants to the requirements of maximum permissible concentration limits of fishery reservoirs.

The second project is the construction of a site for pumping quarry and drainage water from the Internatsionalny mine into the western rift. A reverse reinjection system and a network of injection wells have been built to exclude the ingress of mineralized waters onto the terrain and surface water bodies. Underground waters from the Metegero-Ichersky aquifer return back, without causing harm to the environment.

Within the framework of the republican events timed to the Year of Ecology, emphasis is placed on combating poaching - were installed gates, 24-hour roadside posts and participation of employees in raids to counter illegal hunting or fishing to protect the region's biological diversity were established.

A significant result of the year is the decision to create Single Environmental Center of ALROSA, which combined and centralized environmental functions, previously dispersed in separate enterprises and divisions. The Environmental Center has taken up a wide range of functions: the expansion of the boundaries of industrial environmental control and a risk-oriented approach, the introduction of a geoinformation monitoring system and the creation of an analytical database for the Company, the unification of rules and the formation of common approaches to solving problems in the field of environmental protection. The new structure will develop an environmental strategy for further integration into the overall development strategy of ALROSA.

In 2017, the Company also significantly expanded its monitoring program. During the year, environmentalists of the enterprise conducted about 1.5 thousand samples of water, air, soil and bottom sediments. This helps ALROSA become more transparent, more accurately determine the degree of production impact on the environment and adjust its environmental policy.

"Environmental protection is one of the most important areas of ALROSA's work. The target of the Company here is not only to minimize any impact on nature, but also to help solve existing problems in the region of presence. Along with environmental measures, ALROSA implements a number of projects that will have a long-term effect, for example, gradually shifts the equipment to gas fuel, which is much more environmentally friendly, or introduces energy-saving technologies. Our goal is to preserve the nature and beauty of Yakutia for many years. The Company's efforts in this area are already receiving high estimates of independent organizations, but we will continue to develop and improve this work. In particular, in 2018 the financing of environmental activities will grow to 5.3 billion rubles,” the head of the ALROSA Environmental Center Polina Anisimova said.