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International Permafrost Summer School in Yakutsk

  • Published in Nature
An international summer school started working in North-Eastern Federal University. There researchers will study the role of permafrost in global climate change.

For 25 years researchers from NEFU together with Japanese and European scientists have done a great scientific work in the field of studying the climate of the north-eastern part of Russia. Sixteen international symposiums and seminars have been held in various countries, a large number of scientific articles have been published in international journals, more than a dozen books on the problem of global climate change have been written,” - said the director of the international scientific and educational center for biogeochemistry and climatology of the Institute of Natural Sciences of NEFU, Trofim Maksimov.

Japanese and Yakutian students will listen to lectures of leading scientists of NEFU and University of Hokkaido and conduct permafrost studies on the basis of the "Spasskaya Pad" forest scientific station.

The summer school work is financially supported by RJE3 international program that is aimed at training experts in the field of ecology, culture and sustainable development in the regions of the Far East and the Arctic.
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