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Mammoth carcass found on Kotelny Island

  • Published in Nature
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Remains of an adult mammoth were found on Kotelny Island in Yakutia. The find was preevaluated by paleontologists as unique

Albert Protopopov, the head of the mammoth fauna department of the Academy of Sciences of Yakutia said they found out about the find from local residents. The joint expedition of the Yakut branch of the Russian Geographical society and the Academy of Sciences left for the place. The information about the find was fully confirmed. A mammoth skeleton and a number of other paleontological remains were also found.

Paleontologists are not ready to accurately estimate the safety of the find yet but according to preevaluation we can talk about the complete safety of the rear part of the body.

"The uniqueness of the find is that the carcass belongs to an adult mammoth of a small size. We have not come across any of that kind yet," commented Albert Protopopov.

The scientists are planning to start the excavations on the site of the find next year.