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NEFU presents the carcass of an ancient colt

  • Published in Nature
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August 23 the North-Eastern Federal University Mammoth Museum cryo-storage hosted a presentation of the carcass of the colt of an ancient horse, reports NEFU

"Carcass without bodily injuries, even the wool has survived, which is very rare in the case with such ancient finds. Estimated age of the foal is about 2 months. It is worth noting that 30-40 thousand years ago a completely different kind of horse - the Lena horse, genetically different from the modern Yakut horse, inhabited the territory of Yakutia,” said Director of the NEFU Mammoth Museum, PhD in biology Semyon Grigoriev.

During the presentation, samples of wool, skin, biological fluid, containing soils for various analyzes were taken.

"The stomach analysis will show the feeding habit of the foal. The dissection will be done later," Semyon Grigoriev added.

Grigory Savvinov, Director of the NEFU Scientific Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North, noted that the unique find is of great value for the republic and the world as a whole. "According to preliminary data, the foal lived 30-40 thousand years ago. There is a whole complex of scientific research ahead. Prior to the beginning of the works we will develop a research program. According to the experts who participated in the expedition, the foal could fall into a trap and sink," Savvinov added.

On August 11, the scientists of the NEFU told about the found carcass of the colt of an ancient horse, and on August 13 about the skeleton of a mammoth with soft tissues.

The paleontological expedition took place in the Batagai Basin and the area of the Yunyugen of the Verkhoyansky ulus August 9-14, 2018. The expedition involved NEFU Scientific Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North, Japanese University of Kindai and Fuji TV Company.

According to Grigory Savvinov, both major findings will be the objects of scientific research of specialists in different fields of science both in Russia and abroad, the NEFU website informs.
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