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Thousands of Siberian Cranes are leaving Yakutia

  • Published in Nature

In recent years, the situation with the threat of Siberian Cranes' extinction has changed, their livestock is rapidly increasing. Scientists have discovered a place of mass overflight of these birds, which is located in the Tompo ulus.

Scientists of Yakutia and Japan discovered the place of mass migration of Siberian Cranes - the whole population flies through the so-called “Okhotsk corridor” in the fall, flying into the valley of the Aldan River. Then the birds fly to China’s Poyang Lake.

Intrigued by this phenomenon, representatives and sponsors of international Crane Foundation visited the village of Okhotsky Perevoz this year. Founder and co-founder of the Foundation George Archibald and his colleague from America Utah Jennifer have arrived there just for three days. But the warm late autumn shifted the time of flight of birds, which is not always the same in time. The peak was only on October 6, when more than a thousand cranes flew over in one day.

Archibald really enjoyed the village, nature. “It's better here than in America,” said the foreigner. A native of Scotland, George grew up in a peasant family in a small village. There he was interested not only in cranes, but also in residents. Together with Jennifer, he visited the school, met the children and the teaching staff. There was held an evening dedicated to the Crane Week, which was attended by schoolchildren and teachers from the village of Saydy.

The current visit was a big event for a small village. George Archibald promised to come again, but for two weeks. He really wants to see the peak of the flight of birds, when in 1-2 days 80-90% of cranes fly over Okhotsky Perevoz, reports
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