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40-degree frost to grip Yakutia

  • Published in Nature
40 degrees frost
The coldest will be in the north-east of the republic

On November 8-9 in the northeast of Yakutia 40 degrees of frost are forecasted. At night the temperature will drop to -38-43°.

In the afternoon in the north-east of the republic the temperature is -30-35°. -27-32° in the central regions of Yakutia at night, in the afternoon -15-20 degrees Celsius.

In the west, in the lower part of the Lena River - stray flurry, south-west wind of 9-14 m / s. The air temperature at night is -15-20, in the afternoon -10-15°C.

Today in Yakutsk - light snow, southerly wind of 2-7 m / s, and an afternoon air temperature is -16-18°C.