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Photo report: Winter in Yakutsk

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Yakutsk in winter
January is the frostiest and foggiest month in Yakutsk. But the subzero temperature does not prevent to admire the winter capital of the republic. The pictures of Maria Vasilieva, YSIA, capture the views of fabulous snowy Yakutsk.

Yakutsk in winter2
In the capital, the thermometer dropped to -45 C, and in areas down to -60 degrees C.

Yakutsk in winter3
Visibility does not exceed several tens of meters.

Yakutsk in winter4Fog is perceived differently. Someone thinks that it is warmer when foggy.

Yakutsk in winter5
Someone feels depressed.

Yakutsk in winter6
Drivers are advised to take special care.

Yakutsk in winter7
Winter transforms the surrounding nature.

Yakutsk in winter8
January 31, according to legends, one horn of the mythical Bull of winter falls off and frosts recede. According to weather forecasters, next week is expected to be warmer up to -33 degrees C.

Yakutsk in winter9
And we are all waiting for spring.

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