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ALROSA allocates over 800 million rubles for environmental measures

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On January 30, the deputies of (Il Tumen) adopted a draft resolution on recommendations “On the environmental situation in the Vilyui river basin,” which reflected detailed proposals for resolving the environmental situation in the Vilyui river basin.
The first Parliamentary hearings on the Vilyui River were held at the State Assembly (Il Tumen) on November 27, 2018.

A total of three meetings of the relevant committee were organized on this issue, the last of which was held on the eve of the fifth (regular) plenary session of the Yakutia Parliament - January 29, the work of the conciliation commissions and other forms of activity of the highest legislative body of the republic were carried out. In addition, the issue was discussed at the visiting meeting of the head of Yakutia and the chairman of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) in the village of Verkhnevilyuisk in October 2018, as well as during the working visit of the people's deputies of the republic to the Vilyui group of uluses in January 2019. Taking into account all the proposals and comments received during this time, the draft recommendations were repeatedly finalized and are now offered in the final version.

The core information on the work being done to eliminate the negative consequences resulting from pollution of water bodies - the Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobiya and Vilyui rivers - was presented by the first deputy director and executive director of ALROSA Igor Sobolev.

Not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to exclude them in the future

"During the parliamentary hearings on the environmental situation in the Vilyui River basin, a lot of comments and proposals were made to the Company, on which the work was carried out. First of all, we made a change in the design decisions for the processing of the Irelyakh mine. We have increased the design capacity of the canal from 160 cubic meters of water per hour to 250. The canal section has reached 250 square meters (previously it was 55 sq m) that will allow to pass more powerful high water, than occurred in August, 2018," said Igor Sobolev.

In addition, according to numerous remarks, the Company carried out studies of all 15 existing hydraulic structures not included in the state register of hydraulic structures to further assess the potential damage and decide on their inclusion in the list.

“We have carried out a survey of all temporary hydraulic structures, including small upland channels of open-cast mines for potential hazards and the development of actions to enhance their reliability. For the Irelyakh mine, an independent organization conducts a design calculation of damage in the event of all kinds of accidents. This is a necessary document, having it received, we will be able to include hydraulic structures of the mine in the register,” explained Sobolev.

To further exclude the human factor in the Mirny Mining and Processing Division, a separate measure was developed for the daily monitoring of the water level in the Irelyakh reservoir outside the mine that will allow to quickly respond to any changes in the increase in the volume of discharge.

As regards the obligations given to the heads of the uluses at the time of the elimination of the consequences of the accident and the provision of the population with clean drinking water, associated with the costs of supplying material and technical resources, construction of access roads to alternative sources of drinking water and other activities, the industrial company has fulfilled all its promises.

“At the time of the accident, all these works were financed by district administrations, but in December 2018, the Company reimbursed expenses in the amount of 49 million rubles. Also, the Company's own expenses during the period of emergency associated with material resources in the amount of 21 million rubles were financed,” he said.

The company envisages a total of 832 million rubles for the implementation of the program for environmental activities. In particular, funds have been increased for improving the safety of production processes and for preserving the natural environment in areas of production activity. Collaboration will be carried out with the ulus administrations of all affected areas.

The company also decided to increase funding and launch volume of peled fry into the Vilyui river. Negotiations are underway with Chernyshevsky Fish Factory. In 2019, these costs will be doubled.

“For these purposes we have provided 10 million rubles, and we plan to launch 1.5 million larvae additionally. We also plan to carry out works on the reproduction of other valuable species of fish that live in the Vilyui River basin, but this will require preliminary research and obtaining appropriate coordination,” noted Sobolev.

Also, the supervisory board of the industrial company decided to allocate 150 million rubles annually to support the state program of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) "Clean water for 2019-2023." Funds will be channeled through the Future Generation Trust Fund of the RS (Y).

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Recommendations "On the environmental situation in the Vilyui River Basin" adopted

The parliamentarians appreciated the work carried out by the management of the industrial company, calling also to pay important attention to measures for the rehabilitation of the natural environment and public health, comprehensive scientific studies of the ecological status of the Vilyui group of uluses and the health of population living in these territories.