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Green Pioneers protect the environment

  • Published in Nature
In March, the grand opening of the Ecofest shift took place at the Sosnovy Bor Children's Recreation and Health Center, where young environmentalists of the Republic gathered - participants of the III Republican Forum Green Pioneers Protect The Environment.
On March 19, the results were summed up and the ALROSA Company awarded best participants with valuable gifts and souvenirs.

Schoolchildren demonstrated theoretical knowledge of natural science disciplines, took part in republican contests Green Pioneers Protect The Environment, Water Pearls of Yakutia and presented research projects at the 12th Republican Young Researchers Conference Intellectual potential of young people - to the village of the XXI century and at the 11th Forum of the Small Agricultural Academy School of Young Researchers.

Within 10 days of Ecofest shift, young environmentalists attended classes on additional education under the program of teachers of the Sosnovy Bor Center, where, based on the results of the program, they presented design works on environmental topics.

ALROSA pays special attention to ecology as a strategically important activity and is constantly improving the effectiveness of environmental protection programs. One of the steps in this direction is the participation of the Company in the Green Pioneers Protect The Environment Forum.

ALROSA Soloviev

“The ALROSA Company participates in, organizes and promotes social and environmental projects jointly with the executive authorities, organizations and public movements of the Republic. Summing up the third environmental forum, on behalf of ALROSA, first of all, I congratulate everyone on the Republican Day of the Arctic, and I wish everyone success in working together on the socio-economic development of the Russian Arctic and I thank all the participants of the Forum - young professionals who from an early age have been involved in the protection of the fragile and vulnerable Arctic nature. Of course, each of you with full responsibility approaches both respect for the environment and preservation of the original habitat of the indigenous peoples of the North. Everyone independently works on the formation of self-awareness among young people in nature conservation as a unique ecological complex. Someone will further become an ecologist, a protector of nature and objects of the animal world, an ecologist in industrial and production companies and will continue to make an invaluable contribution in his professional activities,” said Konstantin Soloviev, head of the Environmental Department of ALROSA, summing up the results of the Forum, which is also held under the auspices of the Green Russia environmental movement.

A representative of the Ministry of Ecology, Nature Management and Forestry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) said:

““We thank our partners who are actively involved in organizing and conducting joint social, environmental and educational events. These are the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic, the ALROSA Company and, of course, our permanent partner, is the Sosnovy Bor Children's Recreation Center. By the way, the Green Pioneers movement originated here, in Sosnovy Bor, where the first 300 children were received into the fold of Green Pioneers. Now they are much more - two and a half thousand. We hope that after returning back home, the guys will continue this movement to protect the environment of the North.”