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Meteorologists fix anomalous warming in Yakutia, temperature records are broken

  • Published in Nature
spring in Yakutia
Abnormally warm weather came to Siberia, absolute temperature records were fixed at several meteorological stations, the press service of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia reports.

“The average daily air temperature anomalies in Taimyr and Yakutia reached plus 18 degrees Celsius in some places. Thus, a new temperature maximum was registered at the northernmost point of the continent - at Cape Chelyuskin. Here, the thermometer reached the level of minus 5.5 degrees, which exceeded the previous record set in 2017 by almost 0.5 degrees,” reads the message.

Also, the temperature record was fixed at Chumpuruk station (Yakutia), where the air warmed up to plus 8 degrees Celsius, exceeding the previous maximum by more than 2 degrees.

The reasons for this record warming was the rapid movement of warm and humid air from the Atlantic to the territory of Siberia as a result of the vigorous activity of the cyclone over Central Russia and the Urals, the Center explained.

Experts warn that the early spring, which has come to these regions, can significantly complicate the transport communication with remote villages on winter roads.