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Mammoth steppe from Yakutia presented in Washington

Mammoth steppe
The project of the Pleistocene Park, which can help fight global warming and not only preserve, but also recreate the fragile Arctic ecosystem as it was before man appeared, was presented in Washington at the AGU Fall Meeting, told Nikita Zimov, a scientist and active participant of this project.

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870 million for Yakutia to protect forests

les yasia 696x464
The volume of subventions for Yakutia from the federal budget for the execution of delegated powers in the field of forest relations will be 873.6 million rubles. Increased funding will allow to purchase equipment and active management of reforestation.

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Thousands of Siberian Cranes are leaving Yakutia


In recent years, the situation with the threat of Siberian Cranes' extinction has changed, their livestock is rapidly increasing. Scientists have discovered a place of mass overflight of these birds, which is located in the Tompo ulus.
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Nature reserve for polar bears in Yakutia

Polar bear
A nature reserve to protect the Yakut population of polar bear is planned to be created in Yakutia until 2020 in the archipelago of the Medvezhyi Islands (Bear Islands) in the East Siberian Sea.

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