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WWF helicopter expedition counts polar bears


Participants of a WWF Russia helicopter expedition for the first time counted polar bears inhabiting the north of the Kara Sea, spokesman for the Barents Sea Branch of the Fund Dmitry Ryabov tells TASS. He said that during the week, two helicopters surveyed a remote area of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago. There were four flies over the Schmidt Islands, the Komsomolets and Bolshevik archipelagos, as well as Vize and Ushakov Islands.
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April 22 - International Earth Day


Today, April 22, is a global holiday –the International Mother Earth Day, held under the UN auspices, the day of our common  home. The event was set at the 63 session of the UN General Assembly on 22 April 2009, and has been celebrated since 2010 onwards on April 22.
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Do you know that?

arctica 025

One of the most mysterious phenomena in the Arctic 
are spherulites. They are perfectly round stones from a few centimeters to several metres in diameter and they are scattered in large quantities all over Champ Island (Franz Josef Land archipelago). There are many versions of how they were formed: from natural to extraterrestrial origin.
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Polar Lights in Yakutsk

Lights in Yakutsk 1
Last night, a unique natural phenomenon, not typical for our latitude, flashed over our city.
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Cranes returning to Yakutia


First flocks of rare white-naped cranes are returning to Russia after spending the winter in southeast China. It will take a month to get to Baikal area where they are going to nest and give birth to their offspring.
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Colder only in Antarctica

Cold Yakutia
IA SakhaNews.  In comparison to Yakutia the weather is colder only in Antarctica today. There autumn is in, and the air temperature at the "Vostok" station is -57.4 degrees Celsius.
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February 27 – The Polar Bear International Day

polar bear
IA SakhaLife

February 27 environmental organizations around the world celebrate the International Day of Polar (white) Bear in order to attract public attention to the conservation of this species.  The Polar Bear is a symbol of the Arctic, because it indicates the biological health of Arctic ecosystems. Also on this day people talk over the problem of ice melting in the Arctic, which is one of the important factors reducing the habitat of the polar bear and, as a consequence, leads to a decrease in its population.
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Ice of the Arctic Ocean may completely melt away

IA SakhaNews. By the middle of the XXI century, the Arctic Ocean could be completely free of ice, said the head of climate change research of State Hydrological Institute, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 2007 as part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Oleg Anisimov.
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Lena Pillars Nature Park celebrating anniversary


This year, the Lena Pillar Nature Park is celebrating its 20th anniversary. On February 10, 1995, a decree of the President of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) established the Lena Pillar Nature Park on the territories of Khangalassky and Olyokminsky regions. The park was created for the conservation and sustainable use of the natural complexes at the Lena Pillars, which are of high cultural, aesthetic, scientific and educational value, for the sake of the present and future generations, and for reviving traditional crafts.
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Chilingarov: Arctic issues must be solved in constructive dialogue


Russia will remain committed to constructive dialogue with other countries on the development of the Arctic region, said Artur CHiligarov, the Russian president's special representative for international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic.

This famous polar explorer made this statement at the Arctic Frontiers International Conference in Norwegian Tromsø.
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