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Aisen Nikolaev: Great attention to Russian Arctic will also affect Yakutia

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The theses voiced by Vladimir Putin at 5th International Arctic Forum suggest that correct and attentive state policy towards the Russian Arctic will be of great importance for Yakutia as well. This was stated by the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev following the results of the plenary session with the participation of the President of the country, reports YSIA.

The authorities of Yakutia visited datsan and met with Dandar Lama

Gavril and Dandar
On March 25, Gavril Kirillin, Minister of External Relations and Affairs of the Peoples of Yakutia, and Ruslan Timofeev, Head of the Information Policy and Mass Communications Department of the Administration of the Head and Government of the RS (Y), visited the datsan of Yakutsk, the northernmost Buddhist temple in the world, where they met with Dandar Lama - Dmitry Zhalsarayev.

Marubeni Corporation offers medical equipment supply to Yakutia


Japanese trading company Marubeni Corporation offers supply of special-purpose medical equipment, which is not produced in Russia. The meeting between the Prime Minister of the Republic, Vladimir Solodov, and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Marubeni Corporation Industrial Division, Osamu Miagawa, in particular, discussed the issues of equipping cancer and cardiology dispensaries, as well as the prospect of creating a joint leasing company. There is a need to update medical equipment in hospitals and clinics of Yakutia.

Pyotr Gogolev: Vladimir Putin designates the Far East as absolute priority

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The message of the President of Russia was clear, very specific and focused primarily on the issues of the country's internal socio-economic development. Vladimir Putin once again clearly identified the priority development of the Far East as an unconditional strategic priority of the state, says the speaker of Il Tumen, Pyotr Gogolev.

Aisen Nikolaev: National projects to improve the quality of life

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Yakutia should consistently ensure the efficient use of funds for the implementation of national projects. This was stated by the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, during a meeting of the extended board of the Yakutia Prosecutor’s Office, chaired by Acting Republic Prosecutor Aidar Ivanov with the participation of Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Tkachev.