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Egor Borisov takes part in the meeting of ALROSA Supervisory Board

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The Head of Yakutia, Egor Borisov, took part in the regular meeting of Supervisory Board of PJSC ALROSA chaired by Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov, held in Moscow April 19.

During the event were discussed the results for 2016. It was noted that it managed to maintain the world leadership in the diamond mining industry. Revenues from sales of precious stones increased by 24.6% compared to 2015, while net profit under the International Financial Reporting Standards was 4 times higher than in the previous year, amounting to 133.471 billion rubles.

In 2016, the company charged 64,573.4 million rubles of taxes and mandatory payments to the budgets and extra-budgetary funds, which is 4.3% higher than the target figures.