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Maya Danilova: Russia's economic resilience strategy takes into account the proposals of Yakutia

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Yakutia's proposal to strengthen measures to improve the quality of life was reflected in the strategy for the development of Russia's economic resilience, which was approved by President Vladimir Putin on May 15. This was reported by Maya Danilova, First Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic.

"Russia's economic security strategy until 2030 is an important document that aims to strengthen the country's economic sovereignty, its independence from the external influence of goods and financial markets, as well as world crises," said Maya Danilova.

According to her, this document, as well as the national security strategy approved in December 2015, and the strategy of scientific and technological development, signed at the end of last year, precedes the strategy of social and economic development of the Russian Federation being developed currently.

"We see three major components in the document - economics, technology and human potential. These directions are also taken into account in the development strategy of the republic. However, we have added an environmental component, which is so important for us," the First Deputy Minister said.

Maya Danilova stressed that the main task of economic security would be to move away from the raw material economy: "There is clear understanding that further rely only on the sale of raw materials is short-sighted for Russia as a whole, so we are talking about developing technologies, increasing the export of high added value products (machinery, defense industry). And for us primarily important are IT-technologies, programming, digital economy and innovations, the areas where we can compete."

One of the important directions of the strategy, which the president of the country has designated, should be balanced spatial development. "Just in this we see ourselves - this is the priority development of the Arctic and the Far East, the Northern Sea Route. It is expected to reduce the level of inter-regional differentiation," Maya Danilova said.

She said that Yakutia will rely on the above-mentioned tasks in cooperation with the federal center.