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Dmitry Sazhin: RAPP - mutual interest of Yakutia and the USA

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The meeting of the Russian-American Pacific Partnership in the territory of Yakutia proves that there is a mutual interest between the US west coast and the region. This was stated by Deputy Director of the Department of Europe and North America of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Dmitry Sazhin at the opening of the Forum in the capital of the republic on July 19.

"Today we have expanded the geography of our meeting, which speaks about the fruitful search for new opportunities for interaction and mutual interest of Yakutia and the United States. I am grateful to the republic’s top leadership, which occupies the position of the leader in the Far East of Russia and has decided to make this great long-term contribution to the development of mutually beneficial relations on the basis of RAPP,” stressed Dmitry Sazhin.

According to him, despite all the geopolitical problems, including the conflict in Ukraine, effective economic cooperation between the two countries is maintained. He noted that the representatives of 400 foreign companies took part in 21st Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), 144 came from the United States.

"For the first time after a three-year break, Russia-US business dialogue was held in the framework of the SPIEF, attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He met with the leaders of the largest foreign companies. The conversation was about the investment climate and business potential," the speaker added.

Sazhin noted that our country occupies 40th place in the updated comfort business rating Doing Business 2017 from the World Bank, and now Russia faces the task of entering the top twenty: "The RF has good indicators on the speed of property registration, registration of enterprises (26th place), with the last indicator we climbed 11 positions."

In addition, he stressed that according to the rating of the World Economic Forum, Russia's strengths are quality education, investment activity, and improvement of business conditions. Dmitry Sazhin spoke about investment mechanisms that allow direct dialogue between the heads of foreign investing companies and the Russian government.

"The Russian side is open to full-fledged dialogue and, as the head of state noted, will strive in every possible way to make business in the country profitable for American partners," the guest concluded.

The Russian-American Pacific Partnership was established in 1995. The activities of RAPP are aimed at developing trade and investment cooperation between the Far Eastern regions of Russia and the Pacific states of the United States. Currently, it is a bilateral forum between the private and public sectors to identify and overcome obstacles to business and commercial cooperation.