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Positive experience of Yakutia in social sphere - Ministers of the Russian Federation

  • Published in Politics
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The work of Yakutia government in the social sphere was highlighted by the federal ministers at the strategic session "How to achieve social development of the Far East above the average Russian level?" The session was held in the framework of Days of the Far East in Moscow on December 16.

Key statements on the topic were made by Minister of Labor and Social Development Maksim Topilin. He identified three main areas designed to implement Vladimir Putin's mandate to develop the social sphere of the Far Eastern Federal District: preferential mortgage at 6% per annum, the construction of kindergartens and nurseries, the development of children's health. According to him, in the next three years, 10 billion rubles will be allocated annually to kindergartens.

Some successful examples in the development of the social sphere in the Far Eastern regions were also announced. In particular, the achievements of Yakutia in the field of sports development and popularization of a healthy lifestyle are highly appreciated. This was said by Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Pavel Novikov. The experience of the republic to host “Children of Asia” International Sports Games was highlighted as the bright example of integration and collaboration with international communities. In addition, the republic's successes in the development of a network of compact fitness centers and competent promotion of the tourist potential of the region were emphasized.

Deputy Minister of Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation Andrey Chibis highly appreciated the results of the work carried out in the republic on the program of resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing. He informed that today the region acts as a pilot project for the further implementation of the program's activities.

Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Development of the Far East Artur Niyazmetov also spoke indirectly in support of Yakutia, noting its progress in the field of demography. "In Yakutia and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, the birth rate is more than two children, and in the country it is 1.76.  Therefore, these regions do not receive subsidies," he said. According to the Deputy Minister, this approach in relation to such regions is not entirely logical.

"If we want to see 6.5 million people in the Far East by 2025, we need to make amendments. It is necessary to support the Far Eastern regions," the Minister summed up.