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Anatoly Bravin: NCOs - Yakutia ranks third in the Far East

  • Published in Politics
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According to the Ministry of Justice of Russia, 2.128 non-commercial organizations are registered in the republic. Of these, 1.958 are socially oriented (SO NCOs). This was stated by the Minister for Development of Civil Society Institutions of Yakutia Anatoly Bravin during Public annual report on the results of 2017.

In Yakutia over the past five years, the number of public associations has increased almost 1.5 times. In 2017, 166 new NCOs were registered. The amount of financial support from the state budget of the republic grows every year. If in 2012 it was allocated 264 million rubles, then in 2017 the support volume reached 1 billion 147 thousand rubles, including 611 million rubles for the development of socially-oriented NCOs.

"In my opinion, such a quantitative and financial growth of volumes indicates an increase in the role of the non-profit sector in the country and in our republic. The responsibility of public organizations and associations that fulfill a social role and carry out social support, is increasing," Anatoly Bravin stressed.

It should be noted that among the main tasks for 2018, the Ministry for Development of Civil Society Institutions sets the goals to pay special attention to supporting socially oriented NCOs that are aimed at implementing priority areas of state policy (promotion of employment, development of volunteer movement).

Another key task of the ministry will be the improvement of federal and republican legislation to protect the rights and interests of indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North.