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Aisen Nikolaev is visiting Mirny

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On June 26, the Acting Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Aisen Nikolaev, worked in Mirny.

The head of the region took part in the Annual General Meeting of ALROSA Shareholders. Speaking to shareholders, Aisen Nikolaev thanked the Company's management and staff for the fact that, despite the tragic events at the Mir mine and the difficult economic conditions in general, the targets set for the ALROSA Group in 2017 have been fulfilled.

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According to the company's report, ALROSA maintained the position of the world leader in the extraction of natural diamonds, extracting 39.6 million carats for 2017, which is 6% higher than in the previous reporting year. "ALROSA was and will be special and significant for Yakutia, for the authorities of the region. This is our budget-forming company, the success of which means the success of the republic. The ALROSA team does not need to be divided into representatives of the cities of Mirny, Moscow and Yakutsk. In fact, we are all one big team. We must work together for the success of ALROSA, for the success of the territory on which the Company operates, for the success of Yakutia and our great Russia,” said Nikolaev at a press approach with the Company's president Sergey Ivanov following the meeting, expressing confidence in the further fruitful cooperation between the company's management and the republic.

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Then the head of the republic together with the head of the district Rishat Yuzmukhametov and the head of Mirny Yuri Sergeyev examined several social facilities. The contractor promises to complete construction of the building of the 'Kharyskhal' Social and Rehabilitation Center for minors by the end of September. As the head of the city Yuri Sergeyev noted, the architecture of the building is not typical for Mirny, where all buildings are rectangular. The project of ‘Sakhaproekt’ architects from Yakutsk is made in a modern style, using not only rectangular, but also rounded elements.

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The same contractor (Stroymontazh 2002) is constructing nearby a residential building for employees of ALROSA Company. On this site, the heads of the city, district and republic discussed the course of the Company's financed subprogram on resettlement from emergency housing, thanks to which 22 residential two-storey multi-apartment wooden houses were resettled in recent years in Mirny.

Then the interim head of the republic inspected the city recreation park, giving a number of recommendations on improvement and zoning.

In the evening, Aisen Nikolayev held a meeting in the district administration for the social and economic development of the Mirny district with the participation of the municipal heads, Il Tyumen people's deputies and the district council. Issues of transport and social infrastructure, energy supply, education, healthcare, as well as issues of close interaction with industrial companies operating in the district were discussed.

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On June 27, the working trip of the head of the republic continues in Udachny in the north of Mirny district, where Nikolaev visits a number of industrial and social facilities.

Press Service of the Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)