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Aisen Nikolaev visits ALROSA facilities

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Acting Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev arrived in Udachny on a working visit. To see how the city and town-forming enterprise is developing, he arrived together with CEO - ALROSA Board Chairman Sergey Ivanov and First Deputy General Director - ALROSA Executive Director Igor Sobolev.

Aisen Nikolaev took part in the Annual General Meeting of ALROSA Shareholders.

The last time the Acting Head of the Republic visited the polar city 9 years ago. According to him, a lot has changed during this time:

- Today I see very positive people who have both feet on the ground and see the future of their city. There are good production plans. It is good that the company has made the necessary decisions that allow production to go further, and, therefore, of the city has a future.

From the Polarny airport, the delegation immediately went to the viewing platform of the Udachny pit - the main attraction of the city. It is one of the largest diamond quarries in the world. Viktor Zemskov, the head of the Zarnitsa quarry, described the peculiarities of diamond mining. In 2015, open mining operations have been completed, and now the ore is mined in this field in an underground way.

Then the guests of the city visited an industrial site of the Udachny underground mine and the control center. The Udachny pipe is one of the richest deposits of ALROSA. This year the production volume will be 2.700 tons of ore, and in 2019, it is planned to reach a design capacity of 4 million tons. The Udachny Mining and Processing Plant is currently at the reconstruction stage, production capacities at the Concentrating Plant No. 12 will be increased over 10 million tons.

"In the course of technical re-equipment, the subdivision will introduce new, energy-efficient equipment that will improve the technological parameters of enrichment. In 2018 the construction of a turnaround water supply, condensation, transportation and storage of waste products began. The implementation of this project will significantly reduce the cost of electricity. The technical re-equipment of the Concentrating Plant No.12 will be completed by October 2018. In the current year, 7.5 million tons of ore and sands will be processed. The Plant will reach its design capacity of 10.5 million in 2019,” noted Sergey Pavlenko, Acting Director-Coordinator of the Company's enterprises in Udachny.

They also visited the motor depot # 3, where they got acquainted with the technological transport of the Plant - Scania, Volvo, Tonar road trains, Belaz and CAT-785 heavy trucks, discussed the operation of the enrichment complex and the launch of the Verkhne-Munskoye deposit.

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In addition to the main workshops of the mining and processing enterprise, the delegation visited social facilities of Udachny. Temple of the Monk Seraphim of Sarov. They laid flowers at the monument to the pioneer of the Zarnitsa pipe, the geologist Larisa Popugaeva and the memorial to the Defenders of the Fatherland.

The Acting Head of Yakutia was interested in the facilities of social significance - schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. As for the urban landscape - Aisen Nikolaev expressed his admiration for the "bright-colored houses" in Udachny.

"Of course, there are still many questions, starting from the Polyarny airport, we will work with the Federal Government over the repair of the runway, unfortunately, there are questions on electricity supply, we will now raise the issue to the heads of Yakutskenergo and RusHydro, and urgently address this issue; it's too bad that such production remains without a stable electricity supply," said the Head of Yakutia.

At the final meeting with the managers and specialists of the Plant, Aisen Nikolaev also mentioned the shortage of qualified personnel and new equipment in the healthcare system. And he wished development and prosperity to Udachny Mining and Processing Plant. Sergey Ivanov, the head of diamond miners, joined the wishes and added that all social packages and staff support for the Company will be maintained.

"The Company confirms the course taken in order to take care and to provide comfortable working conditions for its employees. We will invest additional funds in medicine, because we believe that the level today does not correspond to the level that should be in our district. Also, there are a number of ideas to increase payment of vacation allowance. Social benefits will be preserved," said Sergey Ivanov.

On behalf of ALROSA and all the shareholders, Sergey Ivanov thanked the staff of Udachny Plant for the conscientious work and personal contribution of each employee, who daily contributes to the Company.

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Not only ALROSA should bear responsibility on the territory of Mirny district

In Mirny Aisen Nikolaev, accompanied by the head of the district Rishat Yuzmukhametov and the head of the city Klim Antonov, visited the under construction facility - the Children's Rehabilitation Center. The contractor promises to complete the building of the 'Kharyskhal' Social and Rehabilitation Center for minors by the end of September.

"I will closely monitor the state of affairs in Mirny district," said Aisen Nikolaev, summing up the results of the meeting, "I will regularly appear here and hold meetings at the level of ALROSA and other subsoil users, so that the region could develop dynamically, that economic matters won't eclipse people. At the same time, you should understand that ALROSA is experiencing serious pressure on the world market. We will seek solutions that will satisfy everyone - the Company, the municipality, and the people. Besides, we should not place the blame with ALROSA for everything. Here there are 11 subsoil users, which are still operating singly. We will build a system of interaction with them at the level of the government of the republic. Not just ALROSA should bear responsibility on the territory of Mirny district."