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Aisen Nikolaev met with the Hong Kong Government Adviser


On July 25, the acting head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, held a working meeting with the gifted children education adviser of the Government of Hong Kong, the head of the educational institutions of the Basel Group, Dr. Patrick Lam.

The meeting touched upon the creation of the necessary conditions for the early identification and development of the personal potential of gifted children, the disclosure of their talents, abilities, and leadership qualities.

"Over the past decades, in Yakutia, the issues of comprehensive development and education of children have been given considerable attention. This work was started at a time when the republic was ruled by our first president, Mikhail Efimovich Nikolaev. Now we are going to give an even greater impetus to work with gifted children, for this we need to expand cooperation with the world community and apply the best world practices in our activities," said Aisen Nikolaev.

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Patrick Lam expressed interest in cooperation with Yakutia in the formation of non-standard, modern methods for identifying, supporting and developing gifted children. He also agreed that in modern society the support and development of gifted children should become one of the most important areas of education, culture, integration of scientific, technical and innovative industries. "In this work, it is important to introduce and apply the most modern forms and methods of teaching. We, on our part, are ready to establish close contact with the region, we are ready to cooperate and share our experience on the formation of a new educational space for gifted children," he said.

Patrick Lam is a developer of programs to develop leadership skills and personal potential of gifted children, reports the press service of the head and government of Yakutia.