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Environmental Council will be set up under the head of Yakutia

  • Published in Politics
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Environmental Council will be set up at the head of Yakutia. An advisory body to be established according to the Decree on environmental well-being of Yakutia, which Aisen Nikolaev signed immediately after the inauguration.

The council is proposed to include interested executive bodies of state power of the republic, territorial bodies of federal executive powers, representatives of local government bodies, enterprises-nature users, educational and scientific institutions, institutions of civil society.

Let's remind, the head of the republic announced his intention to sign the Decree on ecological well-being in Yakutia during the inauguration ceremony that took place on September 27. The document outlines the priority tasks aimed at achieving the ecological well-being of the region until 2024. The decree contains a list of specific instructions to the government of Yakutia, recommendations to the deputies of the State Assembly (Il Tumen) of the RS (Y) and to local government bodies.
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