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Aisen Nikolaev introduces new candidatures for the Cabinet of Ministers of Yakutia

  • Published in Politics
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The committees of Il Tumen agreed on the candidatures proposed by the head of Yakutia for key positions in the Cabinet of Ministers of Yakutia. Now this issue will be submitted for general consideration by the people's deputies of the parliament on October 18-19.

The candidatures were agreed by the members of the four standing committees: on ecology; village and agrarian policy; on indigenous peoples; on economic policy.

During the presentation of Denis Belozerov, the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, stated that the candidature for the position of Deputy Chairman has extensive experience in public administration in the field of finance and agriculture, has passed all stages in the agro-industrial sector, food and processing industries, in matters of public catering, has achieved a significant increase in indicators of the Yakutsk bread-baking complex.

According to Nikolaev, the candidature for the post of Minister of Agriculture, Aleksandr Atlasov, has extensive professional experience; for the last five years, he has worked as the head of one of the largest agricultural regions of the republic. “During this period, the Namsky districy successfully solved the issue of expanding the market of agricultural products, raw materials and food. The Namsky farmers have become one of the leading suppliers of products to Yakutsk,” explained the head of the region.

The head of Yakutia noted that the candidature for the post of head of the ministry of ecology, nature management and forestry, Sakhamin Afanasiev, has headed the ministry since 2014. He said that Sakhamin Afanasiev as the minister raised the level of environmental surveillance and monitoring, carried out extensive work on the development of protected areas, managed to give the New Siberian Islands the status of state nature reserve of federal importance and federal status to the Lena Pillars.

“Among other things, Sakhamin Milanovich has done a lot of work to eliminate the consequences of pollution of the rivers - Irelyakh, Malaya Botuobiya and Vilyui as a result of dam breach on the Irelyakh river,” said Aisen Nikolaev.

Il Darkhan also presented the candidature of Gavril Kirillin for the post of Minister of Foreign Relations and Peoples Affairs. “He has extensive experience at the municipal and state levels. All his professional activities are connected with international cooperation, foreign economic relations. He participated in the organization of almost all major international projects in Yakutia. He has a brilliant knowledge of foreign languages,” said the head of the republic.

According to the results of discussions the candidatures submitted by the head of Yakutia, were approved by deputies.