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Yakutia will head the Association of Northeast Asia Regional Governments (NEAR)

  • Published in Politics

October 28-31 in China's Hunan Province will be held a general assembly of the Association of Northeast Asia Regional Governments (NEAR), during which the presidency will pass to Yakutia

Yakutia will chair the Association for two years - until the autumn of 2020. As part of the chairmanship, Yakutia should provide a meeting of the working groups and commissions of the Association at the level of ministries and departments, as well as hold the General Assembly of the organization in 2020 at the level of heads of regions.

NEAR is an organization of support for regional cooperation in Northeast Asia: Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, and Mongolia. At present, 77 regional administrations are members of the Association, including 16 from Russia.

Previously, the Khabarovsk Territory (2000-2002) and the Irkutsk Region (2014-2016) chaired the organization from the regions of Russia, the official website of the Ministry for External Relations of Yakutia reported.