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Aisen Nikolaev told Dmitry Medvedev about the flood relief

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 Aisen and Medvedev

Restoration work in the aftermath of the flood in Yakutia is completed almost completely, Aisen Nikolaev, Head of the republic, reported to Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Aisen Nikolaev thanked the Prime Minister for the assistance provided by the federal center in the aftermath of the disaster - 587 million rubles were allocated from the reserve fund.

“The flood was actually devastating, the strongest over the past 18 years, 63 localities suffered - a lot of houses, social facilities,” the head of Yakutia noted.

In his opinion, timely help from the federal center, as well as funds from the republican budget and money from individuals and enterprises, helped to quickly deal with the disaster impact.

"All together we coped with the problem," said Nikolaev, adding that the region is now ready for the winter.

“It is good that the funds were disbursed on time. Naturally, now you need everything that you planned to bring to the end,Dmitry Medvedev noted, RIA Novosti reports.

In total, 15 districts and Yakutsk suffered from the spring flood in Yakutia. In the flood zone were 63 settlements, 1.4 thousand homes, 5.1 thousand people were affected. The republic had a state of emergency of a federal nature. The amount of damage amounted to about 1.5 billion rubles.
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