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Yakutia’s government delegation negotiates with Japanese investors

  • Published in Politics

November 2 Mayor of Yakutsk Sardana Avksentieva in the governmental delegation has left for talks with Japanese investors "interested in building a waste recycling station in our republic, as well as introducing a smart city system.” I'll be back on Thursday." The head of the city informed on her Twitter page.

Before the trip, Sardana Avksentieva, Deputy Director for Construction, Vasily Gogolev, and Semyon Sergeyev, Chief Architect of the city, discussed the city’s general plan, our position on controversial objects and, of course, again considered options for the long-delayed residential quarter 17 (blocks 2, 4, 17).

The head of the city also noted that the "Winter Starts In Yakutia" festival started very well: "Despite the forty-degree frost, many citizens with kids came to yesterday's ceremony of lighting the New Year tree!"