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Aisen Nikolaev thanked for a question about the Lena River Bridge

  • Published in Politics
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The head of the republic, Aisen Nikolaev, thanked a correspondent of the Yakutia newspaper, who was able to ask a question about the Lena River Bridge at the press conference of Vladimir Putin on December 20.

On his page in Facebook, the head of the republic Aisen Nikolaev thanked the correspondent of the Yakutia newspaper, Aleksandr Ilyin for the question about the Lena River Bridge.

alexander ilyin

"Yesterday, the correspondent of ‘Yakutia’ newspaper Aleksandr Ilyin asked Russian President Vladimir Putin a very important question about the construction of a bridge across the Lena River. Answering the question, Vladimir Vladimirovich voiced two positions: a bridge that bumps into the city of Yakutsk — as many of the heads of federal departments used to perceive this project, and a bridge, which will enable the development of the region as a whole — from this perspective I justified the need to build a bridge at my meeting with the President in August of this year. We must learn to justify our positions from different points of view, and I am sure that the project of building the Lena Bridge is absolutely justified, both politically and economically.”

As Aisen Nikolaev stressed, after the August presidential instruction, he sees a positive dynamic in the development of this issue: “Just the day before yesterday, I spoke with the rationale for the construction of the Lena River Bridge at the Science and Engineering Board of Rosavtodor (Federal Road Agency), along with representatives of consortia ready to implement this project. Everyone heard the President say live: “If the colleagues agree with each other at the level of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economy, we will, of course, implement this project.” Following the results of the Science and Engineering Board, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation will prepare a report to the President of the country on the feasibility and options for implementing the project to build the Lena Bridge. Before the end of the year, I will meet with the Minister of Economy of Russia Maksim Stanislavovich Oreshkin on this crucial issue for our republic. I am sure that the Lena Bridge will be built!”

Earlier, the press service of the head and the government of Yakutia reported that the project of building a bridge across the Lena River was considered at the Science and Engineering Board of the Federal Road Agency. It was noted that the bridge will allow connecting the latitudinal transport routes: the Trans-Siberian and the Baikal-Amur Railway, on the one hand, and the Northern Sea Route, on the other. The bridge will also unite the federal highways ‘Lena’ and ‘Kolyma’ with the ‘Vilyui’ highway, connecting Eastern Siberia with the ports of the Sea of Okhotsk by the shortest route.