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Government of Yakutia considered ALROSA's draft for gasification of Udachny

  • Published in Politics
On January 25, a meeting on reviewing the project of PJSC ALROSA for gasification of the city of Udachny chaired by the First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Yakutia Aleksey Kolodeznikov was held in videoconferencing mode.

The event was attended by the First Deputy General Director - Executive Director of PJSC ALROSA, Igor Sobolev, Minister of Housing and Public Utilities and Energy of the RS (Y) Dmitry Sadovnikov, Minister of Industry and Geology of the RS (Y) Maksim Tereshchenko, Chairman of the State Committee for Pricing of the RS (Y) Antonina Vinokurova.

At the meeting on the implementation of a large-scale energy project of the ALROSA company, the speakers were: Deputy Head of the Investment Projects Administration of ALROSA Valery Khorkin and Andrei Tarkhov, Chief Power Engineer.

PJSC ALROSA (PJSC) has evaluated the possibility of implementing a large-scale energy project for the gasification of the city of Udachny, involving the transfer of thermal energy produced by the ‘Heat and Power Supply Enterprise’ LLC from electrical energy to gas. The project envisages the construction of the Aikhal - Udachny gas pipeline with a length of 56.7 km, a gas distribution station and gas pipelines, central gas boiler and modular heat facilities.

The implementation of the project will improve the reliability of heat and power supply of Udachny and will free up additional power generation capacity for prospective consumers.

The project to gasify the city of Udachny fully takes into account the interests of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and will ensure an increase in property tax and income tax, as well as an increase in the corresponding dividend payments. At the end of the payback period, it will reduce the level of necessary subsidization of the heat energy tariff for the population from the republican budget.

ALROSA is ready to allocate its own funds for the implementation of this project.

The meeting discussed possible options for ensuring the return of investment in accordance with the requirements of the tariff policy.