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Government of Yakutia - This year's first report in a new format

  • Published in Politics
Govt report1

The government of Yakutia conducted the first report this year in a new format - live on the 'Sakha' NBC and 'Yakutia24' TV channels, and 'Tetim' radio.

Govt report2

The broadcast lasted three hours, members of the Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Solodov, summed up the activities in 2018 and outlined the priorities for 2019. It was noted, in particular, that in order to reduce the level of poverty in the republic, it is planned to intensify work on the employment of citizens at industrial enterprises, to provide timely targeted assistance to socially vulnerable groups. The Arctic territories of Yakutia will be emphasized, where it is necessary to establish a system for the delivery of food and essential goods.

In total, 304 questions were received during the live broadcast, out of them 51 questions were responded. All other questions were recorded, the answers to them will be provided to the addressees in the near future.

Govt report3

Thus, the official start of the traditional annual report of the executive bodies of the state of the republic has launched. From February 4, the government will begin to report to residents of the settlements and district centers of the Aldan, Vilyui, Olenek, Suntar and Ust-Aldan districts. Traditionally, the report will end on March 15 in Yakutsk.

Govt report4
What are the results of 2018?

The gross regional product in 2018 for the first time exceeded 1 trillion rubles. The republic is in the top 10 regions of Russia with the highest GRP per capita. Yakutia has become a leader in the Far Eastern Federal District in terms of investment in fixed assets. This was made possible by the opening of significant industrial objects: Denisovskaya’ coal mining and processing plant, ‘Vertikal’noye’ silver deposit, Gross’ gold mine, Verkhne-Munskoye diamond deposit.

In 2018, Yakutia entered the top three regions-leaders of the country in gold mining - for the first time in the modern history of the republic it exceeded 29.5 tons. Record indicators in the entire history of Yakutia reached the extraction of silver - 102.4 tons.