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Today is Day of Mother Tongue and Writing

  • Published in Politics
aisen nikolaev

The Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Aisen Nikolaev congratulates the inhabitants of Yakutia:

- This holiday has a special place in the calendar of memorable dates of our republic. We celebrate it on the birthday of the great son of the Sakha people, the first linguist in Yakutia, an outstanding enlightener, reformer and founder of the national literature, compiler and publisher of the first textbooks in the Yakut language Semyon Andreevich Novgorodov.

For many of us, this day is associated primarily with the state languages - Yakut and Russian. However, today a tribute to the language adopted from parents is given by all people of Yakutia, representatives of the peoples living in our northern region.

The duty of each of us is to preserve the beauty and richness of the native language and place it in trustworthy hands of new generations. In the Year of Consolidation in the Republic, work will continue to foster a love for the mother tongue among young people, a respectful attitude to the culture and traditions of other nations. Activities aimed at supporting reading, using modern technologies for learning languages, increasing interest and motivation to study them will be expanded.

Let the Day of the Native Language and Writing become a traditional holiday of peace, harmony and unity for each inhabitant of our multinational republic.