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Aisen Nikolaev: National projects to improve the quality of life

  • Published in Politics
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Yakutia should consistently ensure the efficient use of funds for the implementation of national projects. This was stated by the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, during a meeting of the extended board of the Yakutia Prosecutor’s Office, chaired by Acting Republic Prosecutor Aidar Ivanov with the participation of Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Tkachev.

In his speech, Aisen Nikolaev noted that in 2018, the republic’s Prosecutor’s Office carried out high-quality work to ensure legality and strengthen the rule of law to preserve economic and social stability in Yakutia. “The past year was a turning point in the development of the whole country in terms of the scale of the tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The implementation of 12 national projects in accordance with the 204th presidential decree gives us the opportunity to make a major breakthrough in all directions. Great responsibility lies with the regions, it is we who are responsible for improving the quality of life, for positive changes in the economy and the social sphere. Solving these tasks is necessary in the cooperation of state authorities and local self-government, in consolidating the population, public organizations and business,” he stressed.

According to Aisen Nikolaev, the system of state family and demographic policy is being improved in the republic to solve the tasks set by the head of state, work continues to improve the targeting of social support measures for large families, low-income citizens, disabled people and retirees. Thus, in the first quarter of 2019, the Comprehensive Plan to ensure sustainable growth of real incomes and poverty reduction in the republic until 2024 will be approved.

Systematic work is also to be done in the field of ensuring and controlling the effective expenditure of budget funds aimed at the implementation of national projects. “Our participation in the implementation of national projects should lead to a tangible improvement in the quality of life and well-being of the people of the republic. Serious tasks are in the construction of social facilities using the mechanism of public-private partnership, resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, the formation of a comfortable urban environment, strengthening environmental supervision in the area of industrial companies, ensuring the rule of law in business and compliance with anti-corruption legislation. All these tasks, in accordance with the national goals defined by the head of state, remain paramount in our work,” said Aisen Nikolaev.

The head of the republic expressed confidence that prosecutors will continue to further promote the rule of law in the region, increase the credibility of the prosecution authorities and the government.