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Pyotr Gogolev: Vladimir Putin designates the Far East as absolute priority

  • Published in Politics
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The message of the President of Russia was clear, very specific and focused primarily on the issues of the country's internal socio-economic development. Vladimir Putin once again clearly identified the priority development of the Far East as an unconditional strategic priority of the state, says the speaker of Il Tumen, Pyotr Gogolev.

“Most of the theses of the message detail and complement the May decree of the Russian president and the approved national projects. The head of state stressed that development projects have a national scale and concern all levels of government, every locality, every citizen. In this regard, the initiatives voiced by Vladimir Putin are undoubtedly relevant for all regions, including Yakutia," he said.

The head of the republican parliament noted that the key theses were related to the tasks of people-saving, supporting demography and the institution of the family. These are issues that have always been in a special account with the authorities of Yakutia.

“Just recently, on February 14, the head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, signed the decree “On additional measures aimed at supporting the birth rate in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).” They, together with the initiatives announced by the President in terms of supporting families with children, will become an effective tangible support measure for the citizens of the republic,” said Pyotr Gogolev.

Il Tumen is actively working in this direction. In the current convocation, which began its work last fall, a new standing committee on family and childhood affairs was created. Today, the people's deputies of the republic are working closely on issues of legislative support for large families.

Among other important topics raised by the President of Russia, the speaker of the republican parliament highlighted the overcoming of poverty. For Yakutia, in his opinion, the President’s initiatives regarding the launch of the Zemsky Teacher program, the digitalization of educational and healthcare institutions, and the availability of medical care are particularly relevant.

“We look forward to the speedy adoption of a new state program for the development of rural areas, as mentioned by Vladimir Putin, and a corresponding expansion and deepening of federal support mechanisms. Indeed, more than a third of the republic’s population lives in rural areas. Today, the share of the population in the republic with incomes below the subsistence minimum is more than the average for Russia and is 20%,” underlined Gogolev.

In conclusion, he stressed that the President of the country once again clearly outlined the priority development of the Far East as an unconditional strategic priority of the state.